Seattle: A Global Civic Innovator

Just as the 1962 World’s Fair set the tone for Seattle’s development into a global leader in technology, trade and innovation, we will invite the community to generate a new vision for Seattle’s evolution as a global civic innovator. A set of programs, activities, and tools will be designed for the people of the Pacific Northwest to practice civic engagement in relevant, memorable, creative, playful, and ongoing ways. Our aim is create a living legacy of spirited citizenship and to set in motion initiatives that will extend to the next fifty years. Our work is informed by the unique civic assets and the networked, ecosystemic mindset that this city already begins with. We commit to bringing in voices, leaders, and networks that are not yet woven into Seattle’s civic life. The civic health of this place will be measurably improved as a result of our work.


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April 21, 2011  |  Civic Action

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