The Next Fifty will spotlight eight focus areas that represent the Pacific Northwest’s leadership and innovation over the past 50 years, inviting the kind of debate and discovery that forge futures.

Arts, Culture and Design

April 21 – October 21, 2012
Throughout The Next Fifty, dynamic arts, culture and design programming will help people boldly imagine the future, connect ideas and people, and provide global insights.


April 21 – October 21, 2012
The 1962 World’s Fair was about the future, and so too will be it’s 50th anniversary celebration. What lessons can we learn from our past? How is the future remembered?

Sustainable Futures

April 21 – May 2012
The celebration will spotlight creative conservation, new energy sources and big, bold ideas that will help us meet the critical challenges facing our environment.

Science and Technology

June 2012
Seattle’s global leadership in science and technology is well-known, and the innovations that will propel the future will be on display for all to experience.

Global Health

July 2012
There have been more discoveries in the last five years than in all of history, setting a phenomenal pace of progress that we will share, inspiring all who attend.


August 2012
America has reached a pivotal point where we need to expand perspectives around learning, education, culture and environment so that people of all ages and from all backgrounds can realize their intrinsic motivation to learn and grow.

Commerce and the Innovation Economy

September 2012
Seattle has embraced the knowledge-based economy to complement entrepreneurship and iconic leaders in coffee, software and airplanes, all building the new economy.

Civic Action

October 1 – October 21, 2012
As social networking transforms communications, as grassroots initiatives are increasingly able to make change, what does social responsibility look like?